Ornamental Telescopic Bollards

New Bollards Limited range of ornamental polymer anti-ram telescopic security bollards or retractable drop down posts can provide secure protection of your premises as well as access control to any car park or forecourt enabling traffic and parking restrictions.

The telescopic post is raised vertically out of the ground and locks in the upright position with an integral 10 pin anti-drill high security push button locking mechanism. When not in use the retractable bollard drops down into the ground and is covered by a completely flush fitting steel lid which prevents trip hazards and the build up of dirt in the bollard socket.

2 Items
RAM RRB/PSU Anti-Ram Ornamental Polymer Telescopic Bollard

RAM RRB PSU Anti-Ram ornamental polymer telescopic post with a 850mm height above ground and features a 125mm diameter.

Marshalls Rhino RT/SU5/HD Sunderland  Anti-Ram Ornamental Telescopic Bollard

Rhino RT SU5 HD Anti-Ram ornamental polymer telescopic post with a 730mm height above ground and features a 135mm base diameter.